Are you a person looking to find balance between the demands of work, the needs of your family and the desire to change things and live a more rewarding life?  Maybe, you are just not sure what you want?  Possibly you are worried about your future and if your financial condition will be sufficient to live a worthwhile and satisfying retirement?

Whatever your circumstances, goals, or dreams might be, the bottom line is that you want more out of life and are determined to make adjustments in your financial patterns to live life to its fullest!

That’s where Christine, the Money Chef comes in to help, her recipes for life can turn your dreams into reality by “Cooking up a Life a Rich and Fulfilling Life.

The Money Chef believes that eating a delicious meal is one of the pleasures of life!  Appreciation of what is good for you does not happen overnight.  It takes time, preparing, tasting, planning, and eating well-balanced meals to develop a palate that is appealing to your senses, your appetite and is rewarding.

The Money Chef coaching programs can provide you with the recipes you need: to achieve your financial goals.  As your coach, the Money Chef will help you cook up what is really important in your life.  Christine, will help you choose a series of recipes to eliminate obstacles or blocks that stand in your way, plus partner with you all the way so that you cook up a meal that is rich, fulfilling, and quite satisfying.






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