Empowering Business Women

to be Financially Savvy and Prosperous

Christine Donnolo is a coach and mentor to women helping them reach the goals and objectives they want for their lives.  She has also developed the Money Chef program.  It came about over ten years ago when I was in the kitchen thinking about what type of “cuisine” I would have for the evening’s meal. This lead me to thinking about money and I wondered what would happen if there was a recipe book for a financially and prosperous life. What kind of recipes could I create that would help people have more money in their lives and so I idea for the “the Money Chef” cuisine was cooked up!

The Money Chef provides one on one, private, comprehensive, affordable programs for women looking to learn how to create a “cuisine” that is rich and abundant.   Private and group coaching sessions are taught by a Professional Money Chef, Christine Donnolo and her Associates. We come to you online and via the phone; we work to help you learn all the basics, including advice on developing your own money recipes, how to save, how to spend within your means; basic money management skills and techniques that are most useful in your busy lives. We cover the essentials starting with where you developed your money beliefs: developing an abundant mindset; envisioning your future; to filling up your bank account and customizing a program to fit your lifestyle and needs.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate, we can teach you how to get away from a dependence on others and have you creating your own fabulous money recipes to suit your needs.

If you are more advanced we love that, too. Let us help you learn some new recipes and fresh ways to save. Along with your Money classes you will receive an evaluation that includes a package of materials to help build a proper foundation in your kitchen that will improve skill and confidence.