Day 2 – Breathe!

Okay you said this was a Money challenge so where do I start? I’m sure that is the question you are asking and like the song “Start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start”…Start where you are now. In any beginning Yoga practice, the teacher instructs the students to close one’s eyes and relax and breathe. You got to be able to catch your breath and center yourself so you can focus on what’s ahead. For the next minute, close your eyes and breathe. Every time you take a breath through your nose, relax a different part of your body. Seat tall and breathe in and out and relax your shoulders, breathe in/out and relax your arms, breathe in/out and relax your hands and figure. Got the picture scan your entire body and relax it. Sounds simple but it takes concentration and focus. After you do this and you have quieted your mind start to think about how you learned about money. What did the people who raised you think and do with money. Did they have it and handle it well. Did they say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” did they give it to you and say “be careful” don’t waste it, there are a myriad of things gown-ups say to children about money. What did you hear? Tomorrow we will discuss “what your heard.”

Day 1 – Money Challenge

Money, how does it play in your life? Do you have a lot? Do you have a little? Do you know how much you have? Do you care about it? Do you worry about it? Do you will you had more…??? I could go on and on about this topic but I think you get the point. Money worries are something most, if not all people are concerned about. Over the 40 days, I am going to be dealing with the various issues money present to people with Yoga as a grounding tool to start to get a handle on any money issues you may have. I’ll be open to people letting me know their money concerns as well as how they deal with issue that you may have regarding money in your life. So for today think about you money concerns? Write down a few of them and over the coming weeks, months, and year I’m sure I will touch upon them. Consider this a money challenge a chance for once and for all to get a handle on what ails you concerning money.